Siwa Dream Lodge Hotel

received_861026910662431Dream Lodge welcomes you to experience, the reality of siwa city, Egypt’s Great Sand Desert. We provide comfortable accommodation in Siwa Oasis which is located in the Western desert of Egypt, Southwestof te Mediterranean port city of Mersa Martuh Governorate.

Each chalet has generous space, handcrafted furniture, Siwi rugs and that special Siwi touch to allow you countless comfort. All chalets are combined with modern and tradition effects. Dream Lodge has 8 chalets, 6 double and 2 single. Dream lodge has created a lodge full of intricate furnishes and decorations, that are fitting to the architecture of lodge environment.

Dream Lodge has produced a traditional siwan surrounding with all your creature comforts.Exif_JPEG_420

All around the lodge ‘ Karshif ‘ (Siwi mud brick texture) techniques have been used on the chalets walls, roof of the lodge. Traditional Siwi lodge, which includes ecological modern design, in which is crafted to an attractive atmosphere.